This is our bread and butter! This is where our skills compliment! This is why Burjen was born! The single most important reason for the need for an optimisation tool is this – Making science the foundation of every business decision you make!

Processes built and operated on sound scientific foundations are destined to last the test of times. These processes continue to improve and thrive and continually enhanced through innovations. Optimisation tool is one of those innovations.

Our optimisation tools, originally developed for highly regulated water and waste water industries, can be customised to suit your own processes. This will give you the edge over your competitor and will save your business time and money and improve efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of using an optimisation tool.

1. Determining accurate chemical dose rates to avoid over or under dosing
2. Empowering your operators to make process changes with scientific backup
3. Assessing process unit performances
4. Justifying process changes with accurate calculations
5. Producing reliable process data to create reliable data history
6. Avoiding unnecessary capital “upgrades” and justifying necessary capital upgrades
7. Creating auditable paperwork to improve due diligence
8. Reducing cost and waste
9. Reducing environmental impacts and improve process efficiency
10. Ensuring your products are safe and of highest possible quality

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