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Optimisation tool development

This is our bread and butter! This is where our skills compliment! This is why Burjen was born! The single most important reason for the need of an optimisation tool is this – Making science the foundation of every business decision you make!

Processes built and operated on sound scientific foundations are destined to last the test of time. These processes continue to improve and thrive and continually enhanced through innovations. Optimisation tools are one of those innovations.

Our optimisation tools, originally developed for highly regulated water and waste water industries, can be customised to suit your own processes. This will give you the edge over your competitors and will save your business time, money and improve efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of using an optimisation tool.

  1. Determining accurate chemical dose rates to avoid over or under dosing.

  2. Empowering your operators to make process changes with scientific backup.

  3. Assessing process unit performances.

  4. Justifying process changes with accurate calculations.

  5. Producing reliable process data to create reliable data history.

  6. Avoiding unnecessary capital “upgrades” and justifying necessary capital upgrades.

  7. Creating auditable paperwork to improve due diligence.

  8. Reducing cost and waste.

  9. Reducing environmental impacts and improve process efficiency.

  10. Ensuring your products are safe and of highest possible quality.

Contact us to develop your very own optimisation tool.






We are all about optimisation! Optimisation is our passion and our strength. Optimisation helps our clients to get the most out of their existing assets rather than resorting to expensive capital upgrades. At Burjen, our philosophy is to always challenge the status quo and see if things can be done better, simper, more cost effectively and more environment friendly. 

Our background is in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Computer Programing. We have many years of combined experience in various industries including water treatment, waste water treatment, automotive and packaging.  We also have many likeminded professionals and experts; and technologies in various fields at our disposal. However, we do not know everything. If we do not know something, then we will tell you so! No service; no charge! We are like a wise mate you always call for advice. We do not charge for advice over the phone. We only charge for advice provided in writing.










Analytical services

Burjen provides analytical services to our clients. We do some very basic tests internally. However, most of our tests are done through NATA certified laboratories. We can also provide advice on parameters to test, sampling techniques, sampling locations etc. or alternatively we can do the sampling for you at a competitive price. We can also help with interpretation of results and provide further advice on a way forward.







Cost and waste minimisation

A good process is still useless without the economic viability. But we do not believe in shifting processes to somewhere there is less environmental regulations or appalling working conditions just so the products are cheaper to produce. We believe, that unoptimised processes and unnecessary capital “upgrades” often result in unnecessary complications and impart unjustified cost burden on processes. These unoptimised processes also create unnecessary wastes which not only affect our planet but also the business’s bottom line. 

With our strong process engineering background, we can audit your processes and help you improve them. This will reduce your cost, your waste and your environmental impact; and improve your businesses economic viability.  We can also help you with alternative technologies and systems that will significantly improve productivity, empower your workers and reduce downtime.



Enhancing environmental performances and sustainability

As they say, best things in life are free! But we believe the second best things in life should not have to cost the earth! We want to help you reduce your environmental footprint by providing solutions that are more environmentally safe and sustainable in the long term.

We can undertake environmental and sustainability assessments to help you understand where you can improve to reduce your environmental footprint and improve sustainability of your business. Contact Burjen for further details.


Technology evaluation

In a world full of disruptive technologies, it is hard to know which technology is really useful and which ones take more time and money to use than they claim they save. We can help you identify the right technology that will really save you time and money and would really enhance your processes. We have a wide range of fine technologies available from suppliers all over the world.  We are fiercely independent and we do not accept kickbacks. We provide independent advice based on our assessment.

We pride ourselves in providing quality technologies that are less disruptive and more productive.



Automated reports

Having a lot of data is no use if you cannot get sensible information from it in a timely manner. This is where automated reports can help. We can set up reports that can pull out necessary information from your database and provide a snapshot of your systems in a timely manner. This can help you make informed decisions and proactively manage your systems before failures can occur.

With many years of experience under our belt in this area, we can help set up reports quite quickly that reflect your systems and on a frequency that you require. Contact Burjen for further details.